July 7-9, Renee Wrenwood, Watercolorist
July 14-16, North Texas Print Makers Guild
July 21-23, Hot Stuff, Ceramic Artists Kerry Randol-Johnston, Lisa LaBarge, James Spurrier, and Minda, Alex and Steve Macias
July 28-30, Numinous – Pernie Fallon + Guy Giersch, Painter and Photographer

August 4-6, Charles Esser, Photographer, and Kathleen Mekailek, Painter
August 11-13, Kanyi Muraguri, Photographer
August 18-20, A Happening

September 1-3, Sam Rogers, Painter, and Don Simmons, Photographer
September 8-10, Gina Benson, Painter
September 15-17, Silky Hart, Painter
September 22-25, Sandy & Alex Forbes, Painters
September 29-October 1, Allison Montgomery

October 6-8, Steve Wright, Painter and Musician
October 13-15, Frances Dezzany, Sculptor and Assemblage Artist
October 20-22, Richard McWhorter, DaDa
October 27-29, Leslee Ortega, Painter

November 4, Mercy Manning, Painter & Joe Conner, Collage Artist
November 10-12, McKinney Art Studio Tour
November 17-19, Darby LaGrave, Painter
November 23 [Thanksgiving]

December 1-3, Aimee Louise Wolverton, Photography
December 8-10, Kim Guthrie, Painter and Multi-Media Artist
December 15-17, David Hobson, Painter

January 6-8, Potter Workshop (Wayne Batchelder, organizer)
January 12-14, Jesus Moreno, Painter
January 19-21, Lor Clark, Sculptor
January 26-28, Anne Womack, Painter

February 2-4, Andrea Holmes, Painter
February 10-11, Spring Cleaning Art Market
February 16-18, Group Show (Lynda Kingsley, curator)
February 23-25, Barbara and James Mason (Paintings, Photographs)

March 2-4, Kelly Marra, Painter and Jewelry Designer
March 9-11, Reflections, Group Exhibit (KD Hafley, curator)
March 16-18, Jeni Thomlinson, Painter
March 23-25, The Art Club of McKinney, Group Exhibit
March 30-April 1, Closed for Easter

April 6-8
April 13-14 (Arts in Bloom, Downtown Festival)
April 20-22, Steve Uriegas, Painter
April 27-29, Don Simmons, Photographer

May 4-6, Kim Guthrie, Multi-Media Artist
May 11-13, Magali Smith and Leslee Ortega, Painters (Mother’s Day)
May 18-20, Melissa Patrello, Puppet Creator
May 25-28, Pottery Workshop (Sona Knox, organizer)

June 1-3, Valerie (Painter) and Wayne (Potter) Batchelder
June 8-10, Steve Wright (Painter and Musician)
June 15-17, Wendolin Mercado, Photographer
June 22-24, Sandy and Alex Forbes, Painters
June 29-July 1

July 6-8, Jim Phipps, Painter
July 13-15, Charles Esser, Photographer
July 20-22, North Texas Printmakers Guild
July 27-29

August 3-5, Linda Nelson, Painter
August 10-12, Kanyi Muraguri, Photographer
August 17-19, Richard McWhorter, Artist
August 24-26
August 31-Sept. 2, Annie Royer, Painter

September 7-9, Teresa Krieger, Painter
September 14-16, Alison Daffin Montgomery, Painter
September 21-23, Silky Hart, Painter
September 28-30 (Oktoberfest, Downtown Festival)

October 5-7, Leo Malboeuf, Painter, Digital Artist
October 12-14, Silky Hart, Painter
October 19-21, Sam Rogers, Painter
October 26-28, Sona Knox, Potter and Assemblage

November 2-4 Pernie Fallon, painter & Guy Giersch, photographer
November 9-11, Mercy Manning, painter (MAST)
November 16-18, Darby LaGrave, Painter
November 23-26, Closed for Thanksgiving
November 30-Dec. 2, AimeeLouise Woolverton, photographer

December 7-9, Hot Stuff!! Potters Exhibit
December 14-16, David Hobson, Painter
December 21-23, Closed for Christmas
December 28-30, Closed for New Year’s