January 15-16
January 22-23
January 29-30

February 5-6
February 12-13
February 19-20
February 26-27, Robin Pedrero, Painter

March 6, Empty Bowls McKinney Artist Party
March 12-13. Valerie Batchelder (Painter) and Wayne Batchelder,(Potter)
March 19-20, Art Club of McKinney Member Show
March 26-27, Small Works by Guy Giersch, Pernie Fallon, Anne Royer, Pete Quaid, Maribeth Jagger, Linda Herbert, Sandy Forbes, Jeni Tomlinson and Leticia Herrera

April 2-3. Closed for Easter
April 8-10, Suad Bejtovic, Photographer
April 16-17, Sam Rogers, Painter
April 24-25, Rebecca Johnson, Portraitist
April 30-May 1, KD Hafley, Painter

May 7-8, Lynda Kingsley, Painter
May 14-15, Kevin Megison, Painter
May 21-22, Anne Womack, Painter
May 29-30, Memorial Day Weekend

June 4-5, Anne Royer and Pat Mahle, Painters
June 11-12, Karren Case
June 18-19, Kathleen Mekailek
June 26-27, Darby LaGrave, Painter & JB Phipps, Sculptor

July 2-3, Independence Day Weekend
July 9-10, SPARC Potters
July 16-17, Joe Sambataro, Painter
July 23-24, Bradley Donaldson
July 30-31, Teresa Krieger, Painter

August 6-7, Leticia Herrera, Painter
August 13-14, Magali Smith, Painter
August 20-21, Steve Wright, Painter
August 27-28, Maribeth Jagger & Cindy Farrell, Painters

September 3-4, Pete Quaid, Painter
September 10-11, Pernie Fallon (Painter) and Guy Giersch (Photographer)
September 17-18, Charles Esser, Photographer
September 24-25, HOT STUFF! Pottery Event, Live Raku Firings

October 1-2, Linda Herbert, Painter
October 8-9, Lina Rincon, Painter
October 15-16, Richard McWhorter
October 22-23, Sandy and Alex Forbes, Painters
October 30-31, Jeni Tomlinson, Painter

November 5-6, Jesus Moreno, Painter
November 12-13, Leo Malboeuf, Painter, Digital Artist (MAST)
November 20-21, Darby LaGrave, Painter
November 27-28, Thanksgiving Weekend

December 3-4, Tammy Gilchrest, Painter
December 10-11, Maria Hampton, Painter
December 17-18, Janak Narayan, Painter