Creator and Owner of a Computerized Graphics Design Business, Jesús Moreno has also been actively engaged in producing fine art for the past 35 years. Born in Madrid, Spain in 1959, he moved to the US as a young man and soon found a love for the arts and an opportunity to incorporate his early exposure to the classics.

As an artist, illustrator and photographer, Jesús Moreno uses his creative mindset to present a unique view in all his work. His attention to detail, his history of color theory and blending techniques, and his well-developed observation skills result in enriched artistry. Some of his more innovative approaches include huge murals on glass, ink on acrylic panels, and mixed media canvases. His newest project, artistic photographs in eBook format, have been acclaimed for their extraordinary beauty and grace.

              Jesús F. Moreno

Many of his works are currently hanging in Spain, United Kingdom, residences throughout the US and in commercial buildings in the southwest.