The Essence of Light

Public viewings:
Friday & Saturday, Aug. 14-15, 7-8pm
Private viewings by appointment:
Friday & Saturday, Aug. 14-15, 3-7pm, Sunday, Aug. 16, 2-4pm
Please make appointment by calling or texting 972-467-2539

The Essence of Light is presented by 2 friends, Linda Herbert and Darby LaGrave. Their desire is to bring hope, joy and restoration to the community. These works are inspired by the harmony of nature, and this collection creates tranquility. “…rejoice, aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you.” (II Cor.13:11) At the close of the event there will be gift drawings courtesy of the Hampton International Realty Group.

A Light in the Dark: Inspiration Through Solitude

Friday, Aug. 21st: 5-9pm
Saturday, Aug. 22nd: 4-10pm

This exhibition will feature pieces by Jesus Moreno that exemplify the light he found in the darkness during a difficult time in his life. The abstracts show the light that follows the dark. They represent healing and gratitude. While many of these paintings were started in early 2019, there’s one piece that holds a very special place in his heart. It took over 5 years to complete, and will be the center show piece of this exhibit.

The Cove is not the only art gallery in McKinney. Here are more great places to see the work of this burgeoning art community (click image to go directly to their website):

Cove Sponsor
Cove Sponsor

Our beautiful logo was designed by Weeda Hamdan. She began her design using sumi ink and brush. Here is her philosophy behind the design: “The meaning of the logo stands for the infinite circle of community that supports each other (C and O), the V represents a tick/check mark/selection/achievement, the E represents a flag or a banner on a mast. The logo is a freehand of a couple of strokes to express a moment when the mind is free, the body creates. I was inspired by Fibonacci spiral using the Golden Ratio proportions and Enso, which is Mutual Circle or Circle of Togetherness.”