The Art Club of McKinney

Helen Bailey, “Horseplay,” Pastel

The Art Club of McKinney Member Show
Friday, March 23, 5 – 9 pm
Saturday, March 24, 5 – 9 pm

The Art Club of McKinney invites YOU to our Member-Only Art Show. The exhibition endeavors to provide an opportunity for both emerging and established artists in the club to show their original work to the public, to compete for awards of excellence and to sell their work. The festivities at The Cove the weekend of the show will enable the club to both entertain and educate the public and members’ families and friends.  The judge will be Murry Whiteman, an award-winning graphic designer and artist.

Borrowed Whimsy : Photography of Brianna Burnett

Friday, April 6, 6 – 9 pm
Saturday, April 7, 6 – 9 pm

Brianna’s photographs were inspired by inherited family archives. Shoe boxes of old photographs (some strange and funny others familiar and some with lost intentions) moved her to create invented tableaus of memory. In the digital collages Brianna celebrates the mistakes of memory, the odd history that we all may share and blurs the lines between found and inherited visual stories.

About The Cove

402 N. Tennessee St.
The Cove is a private cooperative venue that encourages creatives to congregate, communicate, collaborate, exhibit, and perform.  It is located at 402 N. Tennessee St., in the heart of a growing hub for artists in downtown McKinney.  A new solo or collaborative exhibit opens every weekend, encouraging a constant flow of new work, new ideas, and energy.  Memberships and exhibit/meeting space fees are affordable.  Poets, writers, musicians, artists and small creative groups should inquire about the use of The Cove.

Our beautiful logo was designed by Weeda Hamdan. She began her design using sumi ink and brush. Here is her philosophy behind the design: “The meaning of the logo stands for the infinite circle of community that supports each other (C and O), the V represents a tick/check mark/selection/achievement, the E represents a flag or a banner on a mast. The logo is a freehand of a couple of strokes to express a moment when the mind is free, the body creates. I was inspired by Fibonacci spiral using the Golden Ratio proportions and Enso, which is Mutual Circle or Circle of Togetherness.”