Friday, August 23, 6p-10p
Saturday, August 24, 6p-10p
Sunday, August 25, 1p-4p

Dive into the transformative world of underwater photography by Wendolin Mercado, where light and water meet to offer a glimpse of the ethereal. Wendolin’s latest obsession is a true departure from her classic style portraiture. These images are portraits captured in silence: serene… authentic… breathless.

Closed for Labor Day Weekend

Bloom Where Planted: Art and Floral Event

Friday, September 6th, 6-9pm
Saturday, September 7th, 6-9pm

Artist Kim Guthrie and Special Guest Floral Designer Jennifer McCrary seek to delight the senses! These two are passionate about combining Fresh Florals and Succulents with bright Modern paintings and unusual sculptures. Unique and inviting for all ages!

The Joy of the Moment: Art Exhibition of Magali Muñoz Smith

Saturday, September 14th, 6-9pm Live Music and Showing
Music by Nestor Salazar’s Red on Blues
Sunday, September 15th, 2-4pm

Magali is an artist in historic downtown McKinney. Growing up in Puerto Rico her moments of joy came from nature, music, people, and good food. Her art is one way she expresses this. She invites you to come, listen to the music, enjoy refreshments, and let her share these moments of joy with you.

NEW in the Alcove (small room inside Cove): Artists address the human figure. These images are compelling, edgy, in our face. Missy Burton, Don Simmons, Jeni Tomlinson, Kanyi Muraguri, Wendolin Mercado, David Hobson, Kathleen Mekailek, Leo Malboeuf.

The Cove is not the only art gallery in McKinney. Here are more great places to see the work of this burgeoning art community (click image to go directly to their website):

Our beautiful logo was designed by Weeda Hamdan. She began her design using sumi ink and brush. Here is her philosophy behind the design: “The meaning of the logo stands for the infinite circle of community that supports each other (C and O), the V represents a tick/check mark/selection/achievement, the E represents a flag or a banner on a mast. The logo is a freehand of a couple of strokes to express a moment when the mind is free, the body creates. I was inspired by Fibonacci spiral using the Golden Ratio proportions and Enso, which is Mutual Circle or Circle of Togetherness.”