Lost in Texas: Photographs, 2007-2017, J.R. Ball

Friday, June 23, 7p—9p
Artist Talk, 8p

Saturday, June 24, 6p—10p
Panel Discussion, Culture Shock: Elevating a Creative Economy in the Face of Change, 8p
North Texas is projected to add nearly 3 million residents by 2030, and McKinney will be greatly impacted. With big changes on the horizon, what will it take to cultivate, attract, and sustain a community that supports arts and cultural development well into the future? Discussion panelists will include Amy Rosenthal, MPAC / Main Street Program Director; Guy Giersch, City of McKinney Historic Preservation Officer; and Dr. Dallie Clark, Professor of Humanities & Lebrecht Endowed Chair, Collin College.

Sunday, June 25, 12p—3p
Photography Workshop & Bloody Mary Bar, 1p

J.R. Ball first arrived in McKinney ten years ago—rather unexpectedly—and jarringly found himself immersed in the expansive flatness of the rural North Texas plains. To ease his troubled mind, he would drive for miles with only an antiquated film camera by his side, lost amongst places and things long forgotten, discarded, and abandoned.

Before long, he developed a deep, personal connection with this subject matter and, therein, found meaning and direction. Now, he shares a decade worth of work in his first solo exhibition.



Bailey, DeWitt, Bruu & Quaid

Friday, June 30, 7p—9p (Panel Discussion at 8pm)
Saturday, July 1, 6p—10p

A group exhibit dedicated to the stunning accomplishments of four artists whose meticulously created art presents animals or objects with heightened clarity and details that elude the naked eye.  Helen Bailey and Noriko DeWitt are award-winning and published colored pencil artists.  Bob Bruu elevates everyday objects by painstakingly carving them from wood and then painting the sculptures.  Pete Quaid works in oils and will be showing his award-winning still lifes. 

About The Cove

402 N. Tennessee St.
The Cove is a private cooperative venue that encourages creatives to congregate, communicate, collaborate, exhibit, and perform.  It is located at 402 N. Tennessee St., in the heart of a growing hub for artists in downtown McKinney.  A new solo or collaborative exhibit opens every weekend, encouraging a constant flow of new work, new ideas, and energy.  Memberships and exhibit/meeting space fees are affordable.  Poets, writers, musicians, artists and small creative groups should inquire about the use of The Cove.

Our beautiful logo was designed by Weeda Hamdan. She began her design using sumi ink and brush. Here is her philosophy behind the design: “The meaning of the logo stands for the infinite circle of community that supports each other (C and O), the V represents a tick/check mark/selection/achievement, the E represents a flag or a banner on a mast. The logo is a freehand of a couple of strokes to express a moment when the mind is free, the body creates. I was inspired by Fibonacci spiral using the Golden Ratio proportions and Enso, which is Mutual Circle or Circle of Togetherness.”

The Cove McKinney


Please contact us if you would like to participate in The Cove.

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